Ed Hamilton began playing the guitar when his aunt gave him an old acoustic that had belonged to his cousin. He didn't go out for three years until he'd mastered some of the basics. Now he doesn't go out very much because someone extended the basics!

He has played with The Outlaws, Black Claw, Bonnie Tyler, The Young and Moody Band and Fast Buck.

He has toured with ELO, Kevin Ayres and The Pretty Things and the Bonnie Tyler Band.

He has done sessions with, and for, Long John Baldry, Rick Parfitt, Rod Stewart, Micky Moody, Albert Lee, Sheena Easton, Jon Hiseman, Gerard Kenny, Harry Nilsson, Lemmy, The Nolans plus a few etc's.

'These Eyes' and 'Don't  Do That' with The Young and Moody Band both made the UK charts, and went on to earn gold discs abroad when released as a compilation EP (A Quiet Night In) together with Girls School and Motorhead.

As a songwriter Ed has earned gold and silver disc's for hits here and abroad, (Night Games) and had an Oscar nomination for the Love Theme from Sylvester Stallone's Cobra, (' Loving on Borrowed Time') which was recorded by Gladys Knight and Bill Medley and appeared on the soundtrack album, as well as Bill Medley's 'Best of Bill Medley' compilation.

This has just earned Ed another gold disc.

He has written many successful jingles for television and radio, (System-Text, Atomic Pinball and HSA amongst others) and has recently written a cartoon series for television.

As a producer Ed has been involved in every style of music from Classical to Country.

Ed currently has two solo albums of original compositions out on Rabbit Records and has just finished a single for the 'Murdoch Boys' (Check out The Murdoch Project page) and is working on an album to be released coincide with Murdoch Day-June 15th, entitled 'Legends and Love Songs'.

He plays in The Firedogs  a four piece blues band with Simon Elledge, and some new players yet to be found, The Copy Cats, (a Rock and Roll/Rock-a-Billy trio) with John ('Steam-He's very good you know !-Bass') Heywood-though they are still short of a drummer! ,and has worked with a 'VERY' occasional blues duo with Micky Moody called 'Woke Up This Morning'  

He got together with Dave, Mike and Dick in a new four piece called Buck IT!, has now evolved into the return of the original Fast Buck band.

He started a new duo with John Heywood-Bookem and Riskit (Check out the their page for details)

Contracts have been signed by lawyers acting for Ed Hamilton and Andy Locke, (who are speaking again!) clearing the way for a dynamic new duo hereinafter referred to as A & E! and it was going very well, but...maybe not-AGAIN!

He also finds time for some solo gigs as well !

In his spare time, (believed to be between the hours of 2am and 7am ) Ed is working on some albums of his solo act, 'Muriel Plays Piano' and Ed's Diner------- which he hopes will be out soon,

also he has been working on new material.

In May 2014 Ed decided to leave the Fast Buck band to concentrate on other projects.


One of Ed's songs - Night Games is on a new double CD 'Purple Rainbows' which made number one in the charts here, and has recently been at number one in Japan.

Also, Ed appears as vocalist with The Young and Moody Band on the new The Bronze Records Anthology.

(Available at all the usual outlets inc :- Tesco and and all GOOD record shops)

All loyal supporters please apply at these outlets.

This will be followed by a 'NEW' Young and Moody album, and Ed features on most of the tracks.

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